Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory present another brand new episode of the Used Car Roadshow assisted by ZoŽ Hardman and Chris Piper.

In tonightís episode Jason and Penny meet buyer Caitlin Rigg a textiles student from London who is on the hunt for her first car. With a budget of £2,000 will the team be able to help?

In Auction Fever we find ZoŽ Hardman and Chris Piper down at the auction with Sara Myers. She has a pretty healthy budget of nearly £3,000 but will all three of them agree on what makes a good auction buy or will Auction Fever prevail.

In the workshop we re-live a Teenage Kick with the iconic Lamborghini Countach, itís big, and itís bold but is it beautiful? You decide.

'Buyer of the week' Caitlin and Pipes

And if you think the Lambo is powerful then just wait until you see the Nissan Skyline in Teenage KicksÖ owner Danny Crawford reckons that it pumps out around 850bhp, thatís nearly twice as much as the Lambo. But power isnít its only virtue check out the other mods that make this Nissan a bit special.

And finally Jason reveals a bit of Free Motoring in the shape of the classic Audi Quattro coupe. The beefy Audi is a real piece of history and Jason reckons that pretty much every modern day rally car has something to thank the Audi Quattro for, which is one of the reasons that he predicts that prices are set to rise.  

A big thank you to all this weeks contributors and we hope you enjoy the show. Happy motoring!

The UCR team were crawling all over the Lambo

One of the 3 cars Caitlin had to choose from

John parking up!

THIS EPISODE'S WEB LINKS:- To find out more about some of the tips and great cars featured on the   show;
Auction fever: www.manheim.co.uk www.independentmotorauctions.co.uk  Buyer of the Week cars: www.hpi.co.uk,

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