Ford Escort RS Turbo on the Used Car Roadshow

Jason Dawe, Penny Mallory, ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam present the Used Car Roadshow which is all about real cars for real people.

In tonightís episode Jason and Penny meet buyer James Little who is hoping to replace his elderly Citroen AX with something a little sportier. With a budget of £7,000 and a need for something with some street cred what will the team suggest?

In Auction Fever ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam are down at the auction with potential buyer Jeanette Heard. The auction is pretty packed and everyone is looking for a bargain as dealers and private buyers jostle for the best deals, can ZoŽ and Rob help Jeanette make her dream come true of owning an MGF?

Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory

RS Turbo, nice

In the workshop we re-live a Teenage Kick when an immaculate Escort RS Turbo turns up. Body and Soul finds us focusing on a Ďmoddedí Vauxhall Corsa. This weeks loved up motor shows you how you can make a big deal out of a small car provided you have a bit of time, a wad of cash and a lot of good ideas.

And Penny asks Ďare you sitting comfortablyí? The average motorist spends around 3000 hours a year behind the wheel (thatís about two whole weeks!) but if your seat is not properly adjusted then driving can become a real pain. Penny shows you how to get comfy and stay alert.

And finally we get another example of Free Motoring; the cars that Jason predicts you can run depreciation free for a year. This time it is the iconic Toyota MR2, cheap plentiful and reliable Jason thinks itís a great way to cut your motoring bills and have some fun along the way.

Penny and Jason

                    Zoe Hardman

Datsun 240Z on the Used Car Roadshow

 ZoŽ Hardman


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