Penny Mallory

Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory present another brand new episode of the Used Car Roadshow ably assisted by ZoŽ Hardman.

In tonightís episode Jason and Penny meet buyer Andrew Connolly. A member of the auction a few weeks ago he was so impressed with the cars the team came up with that he has put his money where his mouth is let Jason and Penny find him a car. His day to day car is a Porsche 911 but with lots of motorway miles he wants an economical diesel to cut his bills. What can he get for £4,000; youíll have to tune in to find out.

In Auction Fever ZoŽ Hardman tries to help another viewer navigate their way through the auction jungle, but will it end in tears or smilesÖ

In the workshop we re-live a Teenage Kick; well one of Jasonís anyway, when he gets excited about a Volvo 262C. The Swedish coupe is a rare beast but one that has its appeal, provided you like your cars on the large side.

Used Car Roadshow

A moment of quiet reflection for Ms Mallory

Body and Soul turns up a tweaked Toyota Celica. This Japanese sports car normally offers bullet proof reliability so itís an ideal basis for a spot of tuning. This car proves just how far you can go if you let your imagination run riot!

Penny knows how important keeping your soft top supple is and she suggests that you do the same with yours. So this week she reveals all you need to know about keeping your cabriolet roof looking the business.

And finally we get another example of Free Motoring; the cars that Jason predicts you can run depreciation free for a year. The Smart Roadster is a Smart buy according to Jason and one that combines low running costs with top notch fun.

Back out on the road again and the cars looked lovely

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Volvo 626 used car review

We get all sorts on the show

Volvo 262 was another Teenage Kick



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