Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory

Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory present another episode of the Used Car Roadshow ably assisted by ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam.

In tonight's episode Jason and Penny meet buyer Clive Barnacle who has a whole heap of money to spend on a replacement for his high performance Mercedes Benz that was stolen.

ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam are back down to the auction to see if fortune fears the brave or whether a dose of Auction Fever will grip this week's buyer Joel Mc Manus.

Bentley Eight used car review on the Used Car Roadshow

Penny and Jason having a break

And back out on the Road at Tatton Park, Jason and Penny discover how one owner is managing to enjoy a bit of American Motoring through a series of swaps. He now owns a Chevrolet Silverado for less than some people spend on a meal out.

Body and Soul catches up with Carl Bowe's seriously modified Peugeot 206 and Penny discovers that Jason's Free Motoring tips have resulted in another car on his driveway. Jason's Bentley Eight looks fab in the studio but just how much has it cost him to do the 400 mile round trip from his house in a car that averages 14mpg? Unsurprisingly Jason puts a brave face on it, safe in the knowledge that at least the car has stopped depreciating.

Free Motoring: Jason's Bentley Eight

Bentley Eight interior used car review on the Used Car Roadshow

Used Car Roadshow in the studio

Bentley Eight's interior in very good condition

Look Penny: 'We're on tele!


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Auction Fever http://www.manheim.co.uk/auction_centres/centre/?auction_name=Rotherham

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