In this programme, buyer of the week Fabris Limon, who runs a gastro pub in the Peak District, asks Jason and Penny to find him a classy load lugger. Find out what he thought of their suggestions and whether any of them were tempting enough to spend his ten grand budget on!

Out and about Ms Mallory is crawling all over a car with a difference... it's not one but two cars joined together. Often referred to as a 'Cut and Shut' these cars are lurking out there to catch out the unwary buyer. But with Ms Mallory's help you too should be able to spot one.

Meanwhile top techie Pipes gets his hands dirty in an effort to keep you safe and save money as he delves into everything to do with batteries.

Watch Pipes' energy charged feature

The glamour puss of the auction ring, Zoe Hardman, joins student Samantha Hill at the auction house as they try to find a cheap set of wheels to keep her social life on track.

And in Body and Soul we discover just how far you can go with a Rover 25. Owner Lee Jardine has lavished many hours and more than a few fivers making his bright orange Rover stand out from the crowd and we all think he's pulled it off.

If you've ever wanted to avoid depreciation then make sure you hang on for another example of Free Motoring. Jason reckons that a Mini Cooper bought at the right price will do just that.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Happy Motoring.

A Rover 25 that stands out

Fabris facing a tough decision

Jason and Penny doing the numbers

THIS EPISODE'S WEB LINKS:- To find out more about some of the tips and great cars featured on the   show;
Auction fever: www.manheim.co.uk www.independentmotorauctions.co.uk  

Hot Tip: www.hpi.co.uk www.rac.co.uk www.elvingtonairfield.co.uk 


Where's the Jack? Battery feature http://www.car-battery.co.uk