Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory present another great episode of the Used Car Roadshow.

This week they help Nicola Mc Dermott find a sporty hatchback to fit her lifestyle and her rather large dog. Fellow dog lovers Jason and Penny come up with a shortlist that any pouch would be proud to travel in but will an Audi, Mazda or BMW win Nicola’s heart?

And Jason reveals possibly the quickest example of Free Motoring we’ve ever seen, a TVR Griffith. Despite TVR’s well publicised problems of late the cars are still winning the hearts of owners and Jason reckons that prices are even starting to rise on certain models. If you fancy depreciation free motoring with a dramatic sound track then this Griffith is a definite contender.

In the Body and Soul slot is a Ford Ka like you’ve never seen before. It's been customized to within an inch of its life but the most eye catching thing about this Ka is the colour……. PINK and proud of it!

ST on a sunny day

Back in the workshop, Pipes reveals that changing a bulb or a headlight needn’t be a head ache as he shows us how to keep safe and save pounds.

Do you remember the TV series The Saint? Well you’ll love Jason and Penny’s Teenage kick this week, it’s a gorgeous Volvo P1800. Finished in exactly the same colour as the original TV star the only thing missing is the ‘ST1’ plate, beautiful.

And we still find time to catch up with Zoë Hardman is down at the auction ring with Robert Chinnery who is giving her a glimpse into the world of being a used car dealer.

We hope you enjoy the show
Happy motoring!

We find all sorts lurking behind the oil drums

 Heavenly Volvo

The interior of the BMW Compact looked inviting

THIS EPISODE'S WEB LINKS:- To find out more about some of the tips and great cars featured on the   show;
Auction fever: www.manheim.co.uk www.independentmotorauctions.co.uk  Buyer of the Week cars: www.turnbullsyork.co.uk www.northbridgecars.co.uk, www.hpi.co.uk
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http://www.tvr-car-club.co.uk, http://www.volvoclub.org.uk/model_info.php