Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory present another great episode of the Used Car Roadshow assisted by ZoŽ Hardman and Chris Piper.

This week the hunt is on to find Darren Anslow a luxury diesel saloon that will take him and his family on the occasional jaunt across France. Armed with a budget of ten grand in cash, and we mean cash (as he brought it to the studio!) he is in line for some pretty juicy motor cars. But will it be a BMW, Jaguar orÖ something else that gets Darrenís vote?

You may never have heard of one before but the chances are you will never forget it once youíve seen itÖthe De Tomaso Pantera is Jasonís Teenage Kick. Built in Italy with an American engine the Pantera is something of an Italian super car with a big dash of American muscle car. So sit back, turn up your TV set and enjoy the incredible sound of the engine.

Hey it's Dan Dan the sound man!

This weeks Body and Soul slot is a Toyota MR2. If you want to know just how cool you can make one of these Japanese sports cars then sit back and be prepared for a treat. Not only does the car look and sound remarkable but check out the quality of some of the conversion and youíll realise that top end pimping is an art in itself. It seems that many of you canít get enough of our Mechanic Pipes and his top tips that can keep you safe and save you money. But youíll have to tune in to find out what he is up to this week, what a tease! And check out ZoŽ Hardman, down at the auction again and trying to make sure our punter doesnít catch auction fever. Some of the prices are incredible, would you have been tempted? Plus Penny shares her top tips on how to keep your motor smelling sweet, hmmm, has she a dirty secret she needs to confess?

A big thank you to all this weeks contributors and we hope you enjoy the show.

Happy motoring!

 Rare and beautifully brutal De Tomaso

Ferrari had no shortage of fans

Penny and Sara Lee play with the make up!

THIS EPISODE'S WEB LINKS:- To find out more about some of the tips and great cars featured on the   show;
Auction fever: www.manheim.co.uk www.independentmotorauctions.co.uk  Buyer of the Week cars: www.hpi.co.uk

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