The growth in 4x4 sales has been incredible over the past 10 years and thatís meant that there are more second hand examples around now than ever before. Penny and Jason decided to find out more about 4x4ís and the people who love driving them.

This weekís buyer has a business based in Scotland but he still travels all of Europe meeting clients and with a boot full of equipment he wanted a 4x4 that was up to the task. See how he gets on when Jason finds him an iconic Mercedes Benz G-Wagen and a couple of Japanese alternatives.

Penny and the crew!

Penny finds out what its like to drive at over 100mph across sand dunes and Jason talks to owners who are happy driving around in vehicles that once saw active military service. All this plus tips and tricks that will help you find the car you want at a price you can afford.

Lovely V8 G500 caused a stir

Jason at his happiest next to a line up of used cars

Toyota reliability to tempt our buyer

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Rhino Central email: rhinocentral@aol.com  http://groups.msn.com/zuki4x4  www.rhinocentral.co.uk The G-Wagen is possibly the ultimate luxury 4x4 of the 1980ís and 90ís - www.g-wagen.co.uk
Croytec for modified Land Rover bits - www.croytec.co.uk  The Bowler Wildcat blew everyone away - www.bowler-offroad.com
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