In this episode Jason and Penny are helping buyer David Curtis to find a £6-£7,000 hatchback for his wife thatís going to be more fun to drive than the current Vauxhall Corsa and understanding the attraction of high performance Japanese cars.

When your surrounded by literally thousands of Jap cars thereís no difficulty finding some pretty rapid motors and Jason and Penny took the chance to talk to owners who have spent thousands £ís and hundredís of hours making there cars unique. Jasonís teenage kick was a Toyota Celica, which despite its advancing years still comes with many of the creature comforts normally associated with more modern metal and comes with a bargain price tag.

We both loved the bargain Celica

Hot tip of the week for a car you can run for free came in the form of an evergreen Morgan plus 8 which Jason and Penny both managed to squeeze into. Whether Jason managed to get back out again is still open to some debate! 

Penny and Jason also give you the essential low down on how to save money on your next car with a mini master class in how to haggle and youíll see Penny get misty eyed when confronted with a 330bhp Mitsubishi EvoVIII.

Despite the rain it was a fantastic day and buyer of the week David deciding to buy a rather surprising car for him and his wife.

Buyer David loved the Seat but a dark secret lurked

Jason's favorite car of the day

Glad we went for the Alfa 147 from M.Q.J Cars Ltd

THIS EPISODE'S WEB LINKS:- To find out more about some of the great cars featured on the   show;
Mark Quin-Jarvis of M.Q.J. CARS LTD - Alfa Romeo 147 - www.mqjcars.co.uk Honda Civic - www.francismotorgroup.co.uk/
Renault Megane - www.motorhouse.co.uk Vauxhall Corsa - www.tch.co.uk
Find out more about how safe your car is by visiting -  www.euroncap.com   Find out more about car reliability by visiting   http://www.reliabilityindex.co.uk/trends7.html?apc=31382522333596
Parts and accessories for performance cars and 4x4ís http://knightsbridgeperformance.co.uk/

Nissan Skyline -  http://www.japimportsuk.com

Mitsubishi Evolution - http://www.lancer-evo.net Toyota Celica GT4 -  http://www.celica-club.co.uk