Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory present another episode of the Used Car Roadshow ably assisted by ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam.

In tonight's episode, Jason and Penny meet Simon Fisher who has something of a dilemma. He wants something fun to drive but is afraid that the running costs may be too much to bear. With a budget of £15,000 he has plenty of used cars to choose from but will indecision send him home in his current car or will the team give him the confidence to splash the cash?

ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam are back down at the auction but Fireman Wayne Stewart seems to be equally unsure about what to buy. A budget of £9,000 is plenty but is Wayne really ready to part with it?

Penny and Jason having a break

Capesthorne Hall provides the back-drop for the Roadshow team as it unearths more used car bargains including the Toyota Prius, this week's unlikely nominee for a spot of Free Motoring.

And if you have ever fancied a Porsche then you are in good company, the Grand Touring 928 is a Teenage Kick from the 1980s that many of us must have lusted after as a kid but could only ever have dreamed of owing. This week we find an owner that made that dream come true and all for less money than many would expect.

And finally we just have time to squeeze in a Harry Potter tribute in this week's Body and Soul feature. The 1964 Ford Anglia the team has discovered may look innocent but thanks to a highly tuned engine under the bonnet it really does have the capacity to 'fly'. Eat your heart out Hagrid!

Jason's Bentley Eight

Bentley Eight's interior in very good condition

Look Penny: 'We're on tele!

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