Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory present another episode of the Used Car Roadshow ably assisted by ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam.

In tonight's episode Jason and Penny meet buyer Graham Carmichael who completely surprises his son Alexander in the workshop when he reveals on camera he's going to spend around £4,000 on lx's first car. But the challenge is not straight forward as Alex is a very tall young man.

ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam are back down at the auction with buyer Andy Tate who, with a budget of £12,000 is looking for something pretty, sporty and prestigious at a knock down price.

The UCR workshop

And back out on the road at Capesthorne Hall, Jason nd Penny are surrounded by some cracking classic cars as they uncover what a lot of metal you can get for a surprisingly little money.

Body and Soul catches up with an amazing Ala Romeo 156, everything about this car is big! Fat wheels, big music, trick suspension and a stunning body kit all conspire to make this one of the most outstanding modified cars ever seen on the show.

And of course we can still enjoy the regular features of 'Free Motoring' and 'Teenage Kick' when Jason reminisces about the legendary Citroen 2CV and Penny looks at the BMW Z1, a car, she argues, was years ahead of its time.

Look into my eyes...

Nice wheels!

Lovely interior

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