Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory present another episode of the Used Car Roadshow ably assisted by ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam.

In tonight's episode Jason and Penny meet buyer Stephen Till, a geography teacher with a passion to own a performance car. He's been saving hard for two years and now wants the team to find him a sports car to spice up his daily commute. With Lotus and Porsche on his wish list he's hoping for the drive of his life.

ZoŽ Hardman and Rob Hallam are back down at the auction with buyer Ken and Linda Holt as they intend to surprise their nephew with a first car on his 17th birthday and it's fun in the sun at Croxley Green Classic Car show as Jason falls in love with a stunning Bentley Continental. With a list price of over £180,000 when new this ten year old Bentley still commands a hefty price tag but for Jason it is still a case of love at first sight.

The UCR workshop

Body and Soul catches up with a truly tricked up BMW which 21 year old owner Carl Marshall has endowed with some serious in-car entertainment. If you want to see a 4-door disco then this is the car for you!

And of course we can all still enjoy a dose of 'Free Motoring' courtesy of a drop top Jaguar XJS that the team reckon should give depreciation free motoring for a year. And finally do you remember the Triumph TR6? Well the team do and this week it joins the hallowed halls of 'Teenage Kicks' when Jason and Penny spot an immaculate example that has something in common with a Ferrari. 

Look into my eyes...

Nice wheels!

Lovely interior

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