This week I took Penny shopping in Manchester, but her little face dropped when we drove straight past the Trafford centre and into the car park of the Manheim car auction depot. After consoling her with a warm sausage roll I explained that we were to meeting car auction virgins Liam and Hayley who were out to find a car.

Iíve always found car auctions an exciting place to visit and whether you are buying or not itís sure to open your eyes to some of the bargains that can be had. Our buyers of the week had just returned from a 6 week world trip and now needed a car for Hayley to use as she travels around as a personal trainer. With up to £5,000 to spend there were plenty of cars within the budget but we had to find one that would be easy to sell if Hayley wanted to change it again in a few months.

On my shortlist were a VW Polo, a Rover 75 and a very pretty Alfa Romeo 147 which Hayley had said she liked the look of. But just before the auction started an Audi A6 caught my eye. It was absolutely the wrong colour, bright red, but I thought it looked a cheap car Ė was Hayley going to think the same?

Can you guess what it is yet?..Jason's teenage kick!

Something's funny!

In contrast a car that was absolutely in the right colour was the Daimler Dart that Penny found at an earlier show, with a V8 engine it goes as well as it looks and with only around 2,600 ever made itís a beautiful classic that is often forgotten.

As ever I also share with you one of my teenage kicks, an Italian beauty that screams the Cote DíAzur and would look great pulling up at the Cannes film festival.

I also hunted down a car that could give you depreciation free motoring for 12 months and this week itís our first 4x4. An old Land Rover might not be the kind of car that youíd want to cover a high mileage in but for the money it had a lot going for it.

But before you leap in the car to visit your local car auction I have to warn you of something called Ďauction feverí. Swept up in the excitement of the moment itís a condition that can affect the most level headed of buyers and find them parting with cash for a car that they never intended buying. Whilst Hayley only had a very mild dose (encouraged by me) both Liam and Penny caught it big style, find out what they ended up buying and whether you would have succumbed as well!

Something's caught their eye

Our buyer's favorite?

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