When you are somewhere special like Knebworth what could be more apt than an ex- Miss World as your buyer of the week! Whilst Eva has left the sashes and tiaras behind she continues to build her reputation as a sculptress. With a need for space to carry her finished works as well as her raw materials the current Audi A4 saloon was starting to feel a bit squashed so Penny and I seek out some load lugging estate cars that are kind on the eye and fun to drive.

Who remembers ‘Back to the future’? If you do then you must also recall the De Lorean car that travelled through time, flew and did just about everything you’d like a used car to do. Well I’ve wanted to drive one for ages so when the crew said they had one coming up to Knebworth for me to try I was chuffed to bits………… but I suspected there was going to be a catch. One look at the photo’s will tell you that I clearly sacrificed my pride to fulfil a long held desire to drive a DMC, and believe me it’s even funnier when you see just how mad I look on TV.

Eva's choice....a toughy!

I also share with you some of the tricks that dodgy dealers play on unsuspecting punters; you’ll be shocked when you hear them but hopefully glad that you know what to look out for!

Penny and I also reveal this week’s top tip, which is a real performance car bargain, that will have you grinning from ear to ear when you get your hands on one. I’ll be showing you what to look for when you test drive a car and telling you all you need to know about converting your car to LPG and possibly saving yourself a small fortune in the process.

I have to say that Knebworth also turned up more than its fair share of used car bargains and once again I was tempted to take one home, if only I had another garage and a bigger drive!

Thank you to all the contributors that made this show one of the most enjoyable of the series to film, we had everything from Triumph Heralds to Cadillac’s on show and it should be a feast for the eyes for anyone who loves cars.

Lovely Lexus won some fans

Hot hatch heaven!

Get ready for takeoff!

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